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Advertise With Us

You’re not just a client at WHOP.  Your’re our partner.  You’re success is what matters to us.  Let WHOP tell your business story.  We offer on-air, online, Podcasting, streaming, and mobile listening advertising options to ensure you are where our listeners are – everyday!


Radio is affordable:  When you compare spot to spot, radio tends to be one of the least expensive advertising outlets – and with our online and digital mediums, you get ultimate exposure and integration in one promotional campaign.  Frequency is key.  You can buy fewer spots and run them all in one to two weeks, so your clients can hear you more often.


Radio is “psychological” and fast:  We can voice your commercial (your story), or better yet, let you do it!  When people hear you, they feel they know you.  Regardless of the voice, we can get you on our airways, websites, and station Apps in no time!


Radio has loyalty:  Our listeners are very loyal.  If you know what your clients listen to, you can reach them much easier.  Our listeners come to us via their radio, their computers, and their mobile devices each day!


Radio is relevant and unavoidable:  You can reach your listeners at the times your message is relevant, and unless people close their ears, they can’t help but listen to your story!


Let Mike, Traci, and Dana help you.  You have a story, so let us tell it and do the work for you.  Call General Sales Manager Traci Mason today at 270-885-5331.


Mike Chadwell, General Manager, WHOP AM and FM


Traci Mason, General Sales Manager, WHOP AM and FM


Dana Hamilton, Account Executive, WHOP AM and FM