Deputy Fire Marshall talks code enforcement, upcoming fire station

Deputy Fire Marshall, Nathan Stewart with the Hopkinsville Fire Department appeared on WHOP recently where he talked about the department’s work on city code enforcement and their steps toward establishing a fifth fire station in Hopkinsville.

Stewart says, Hopkinsville Mayor, J.R. Knight has been working toward cleaning up the city and in doing so, code enforcement responsibilities have been handed to the fire department. In regards to code enforcement, Stewart says he handles more of the fire prevention matters such as building inspections.

Now that the fire department oversees code enforcement, Stewart says they plan to help clean up Hopkinsville to make it a more desirable place to call home.

Information regarding city code enforcement updates can be found at

Looking toward the future, Stewart talked about the fire department’s plans to establish a fire station in southern Christian County near the Walmart Distribution Center. Stewart says they a responsible for responding to calls as far south as Interstate 24 of Fort Campbell Boulevard, so the fifth fire station will allow them to respond quicker to calls in that area.

Right now, their located near Bluegrass Splash Water park is responsible for tending to reports in the southern portion of the county.

Reflecting on the frigid temperatures that swept through the region in January, Stewart reminded listeners to not plug in their space heaters to power strips, but instead directly into wall outlets because power strips do not have enough current flow to support a space heater.

Stewart some of the house fires they responded to in January were the result of a space heater that was not plugged into an adequate power source.