Governor, First Lady share inauguration plans, winter preparation tips

Gov. Andy Beshear and First Lady Britainy Beshear shared plans for the 62nd Gubernatorial Inauguration, an update on disaster recovery housing and a proclamation for Winter Weather Awareness Week at Thursday’s Team Kentucky Update.

Britainy Beshear says the theme for the upcoming inauguration set for December 12 is “Forward Together” to recognize the challenges Kentuckians have overcome over the past four years and moving forward together is how the next four years should be approached.   

The inauguration day activities start with an inaugural breakfast reception at 8:30 and continues with an inaugural parade at 11 a.m. Britainy Beshear announced that the grand marshals for the parade will be healthcare workers and public-school educators recognizing the integral role they play in the state.

Following the parade, Gov. Beshear and Lieutenant Governor, Jacqueline Coleman will be sworn in at the Capitol which will be followed by a grand march and an inaugural ball. The parade, the swearing-in ceremony and the grand march will be streamed on the Kentucky Educational Television (KET) Network and the full agenda can be found at

Gov. Beshear says he still keeping his promise to rebuild every home destroyed by the tornadoes in Western Kentucky and the floods in Eastern Kentucky. Gov Beshear says construction is underway or completed in nine counties and they are half way to reaching their goal of 300 homes.

As the winter season is approaching, Gov. Beshear made a proclamation recognizing December 2 through December 9 as Winter Weather Awareness Week. Along with his proclamation he shared tips for staying safe this year after last year’s winter saw extreme low temperatures.

Gov. Beshear says in the past, more Kentuckians have died from keeping a generator too close to their home or carbon monoxide poisoning than the actual harsh weather itself.

Gov. Beshear also shared an update on the rollout of new vehicle and boat registration service, the Kentucky Automated Vehicle Information System (KAVIS) to replace the current system. The rollout will happen in January 2024, but for the first week of the new year vehicle services will be down as information transitions to the new system.

Gov. Beshear says the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet expects for the state vehicle registration system to be up and running by the end of the first week of January.