Tickets for upcoming Live at the Alhambra season on sale now

Season tickets for the Live at the Alhambra 2024-2025 season are now up for grabs at the Pennyroyal Area Museum.

The Live at the Alhambra series includes six big-time performances, starting with the Eagles tribute band “To the Limit” on September 28. Then, in December, the Sons of Serendip will bring a unique blend of vocals and instrumental to the stage—the Fisk Jubilee Singers will help celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 20. That will be followed by Shadows of the 60’s on February 14, showing off the sounds and stars of Motown.

Floyd Cramer’s grandson, Jason Coleman and Chet Atkin’s great-niece, Meagan Taylor will be taking the stage with a piano and guitarist duo in “Nashville Legacy” on March 1, 2025. Ending the season with a one-of-a-kind production of “So Good!” with Robert Neary as he talks about the songs and tells stories behind them on May 18, 2025.

Season tickets are on sale until July 16, so make sure you go online to or call 270-887-4295.